Internova Inc. manufactures electrode catheters that is the highly controlled medical devices.

The manufacturing plant is located in Arakawa-ku, Tokyo and it is in its own building. We stick to domestic production and distribute our products to medical site.

Our products have various type of tip such as fixed type, deflectable type, monorail type, ring type and so on.

We also provide BTO and OEM beside our regular catheter products as well as the application procedure for approval.

Our Business

EP Catheter Development

Since EP catheters have been diversifying in recent years, our development responds to on-site needs, also puts effort into new possibilities and approaches to use. We cooperate with major companies and work hard on development every day.

Other Medical Device Development

We work on the development of a wide range of medical devices to meet the medical needs without being bound by the EP catheter. We collaborate with various of companies and doctors in each field.

OEM Production

Taking advantage of “Class 4 medical device manufacturer” such as sterilization, sterilization validation, assembly, etc., we are available to respond from OEM production request to development and sterilization.

Development Consulting

Utilizing our 40 years of knowledge and technology, we are consulting for industrial design mainly in design and structural design. We provide know-how from product prototyping to commercialization.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act

We apply for approval and certificate corresponding to the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act which is updated year by year.

Company Profile

Company Name
Inter nova Inc.
Head office & Factory




Date Founded
March 30,1977
12Million Yen
Board Member
CEO: Hiroshi Hara
Specially controlled medical devices sales

First class medical devices marketing

Medical devices manufacturer